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Ruian Hongrun Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of electromagnetic clutch brake and other transmission equipment. The company is located in Ruian, Zhejiang Province, the capital of automobile and motorcycle parts in China. It has been developing electromagnetic clutch for more than ten years.
The company's main products are: DLD7-ultra-thin electromagnetic clutch, DZD7-ultra-thin electromagnetic brake, DLD5-basic clutch, DLD5-A clutch, DLD5-B clutch, DZD5-A brake, DZD5-A brake, DZD5-B brake, DLZ8-series jacket clutch, DLZ1-pair axle clutch, DLZ2-series axle combination. Clutch, DLZ3-double series axle combination clutch, DLZ6-single flange combination clutch, DLZ5-double flange combination clutch series products; torque range from 0.2Nm to 78500Nm. The products have the functions of starting, stopping, reversing, changing speed, positioning and safety, and are widely used in machine tools, textiles, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, light industry, paper-making, printing and packaging, construction, fishery, tobacco machinery, office and other mechanical industries and automotive fields. The products sell well all over the country and export to Europe, America and Asia-Pacific region, won the praise of the vast number of users.
Our company has a group of technicians with high and intermediate titles and self-processing equipment, which can develop, design, match, test clutches and brakes for various industries. Customer-centered service purpose and people-oriented, pursuit of excellence management concept, so that enterprises have always been in the same industry in China. Over the years, Hongrun Machinery and Electricity has always adhered to the business philosophy of "Quality Casts Brand, Service Wins Customer". We not only provide high-quality industrial products, but also provide customers with perfect and efficient after-sales service and technical support. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit Ruian Hongrun Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. for guidance and business negotiation.
Hongrun Electrical & Mechanical Speciality Produces Industrial Electromagnetic Clutch Brake
Service commitment:
* Provide free pre-sale technical consultation for customers
* For special specification products, various design schemes can be provided according to the environmental conditions of the products.
* Build detailed customer files, keep abreast of usage and solve various problems.
* Welcome to provide a variety of product information, for the users who provide product information, we will give great discounts on product prices, which can improve the competitiveness of your products.

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